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AA Coins: Colored and Specialized Coins Used By People Wanting to Quit Alcohol
























Drinking and merry-making with the use of liquors and alcohol is common and can be traced even in aeon wherein wines and alcoholic beverages is a staple during occasions and a sign of societal status. Today, alcohol and liquors are so common even to those below the poverty line that it has been abused. It is consumed during occasions, events, and special days but aside from that is is also used by many who are depressed, stressed, sad, and many more issues that are so negative that they tend to drown themselves in alcohol.


Alcohol is also very accessible to the mass that even those teens and under the legal age can buy and consume it.


With these opportunities of accessibility to the market and with various reasons of consuming the alcohol, it causes alcoholism and drunkeness. Because of these, certain group from America derived a way to help people who are alcoholic, the Alcoholics Anonymous.


Alcoholics Anonymous or AA made a way to help alcoholics surpass their trial in being dependent on alcohols and liquors. By adapting to making use of coins, historically started by nun who made use of medalions given to her patients, AA also made use of colored chips or Recovery Coins to help their members recover from alcoholism.


AA coins or also called sobriety coins and recovery coins does not help its members stay sober but psychologically help them through reminding them of their hard work and effort on changing from being an alcoholic to normal individual as well as a reward for their sacrifices.


Each coin is made with specific color and message embedded on it depending on the span of time they have stayed sober. But this AA Coins system is not a uniform to all the AA groups across America. Here are some of the specialized AA coins:


*White coins/ chip- This constitute to being sober for a day or 24 hours.

*Silver coin/ chip- Sobriety for 30 days or a month.

*Dark Gold coin/ chip - 60 days or two months of sobriety.

*Red coin/ chip - Equivalent to a 90 days or 3 months of sobriety.

*Yellow Coin/ chip- Six months of soberness.

* Green coins/ chips- Equivalent to nine months of sobriety.

*Blue coins/ chips- Constitute to one year of sobriety.


Those who have passed the alcoholism made use if these coins as a remembrance or personal momento of the challenge of quitting their vices and dependency on drinking alcohol. When a member passed the one year sobriety and got the blue chip, he or she can now get typically a bronze chip. Aside from these coins, there are also different novelty coins made with different inspirational messages, colors, and metals