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Understanding the History of AA Coins

























Sobriety coins or also called as AA coins, are actually rewards in a form of coins or medallions given to members of the said organization as a token of appreciation in remaining sober for a period of time. Depending on how long the member remained sober will the rank of the token be. By having this type of system implemented, quite a lot of individuals have been dedicated to keep away from alcohols and remain sober. These coins usually are just about the same size as a poker chip.


In the past, there have been so many organizations and societies that have made use of sobriety coins or AA coins. The main goal stays the same, where individuals who remained sober and abstained alcohol for a period of time will be awarded with such. Basically, the entire concept is not only to give them the reward as a token of appreciation but rather to influence others since having such coins are found to have a huge psychological effect. This effect is the reason why people who are rewarded with such strongly abstained from drinking alcohol.


History has it that AA Coins were actually a mystery to the general public but there have been evidences and claims that showed that it originated somewhere in Indianapolis in the year 1942. Doherty S., is the person believed to be the one who started the tradition of giving Alcoholics Anonymous coins to individuals who remained sober. There are other organizations that used colored poker chips as a means to represent the time that an individual has spent.


Time has passed and the Alcoholics Anonymous organization found that they fit to perform and have sobriety coins incorporated in their company goals, reason why they decided to join the sobriety coin custom. Since then, news spread rapidly and quite a lot of private coin companies have offered many organizations to manufacture Alcoholics Anonymous coins or AA coins. Today, the AA coins as we know it actually are manufactured and made in the year 1965 in Minneapolis.


Because of the psychological effect that these AA Coins have, many studies were made to prove that the coin has some sort of power to control the attitude of an individual, but all of which were dumped. These coins are very important for individuals who remained sober, thus, wanting to keep up with being sober is the reason why they abstained alcohol for many years. These AA coins act as a tool to keep them motivated in what they are doing and this also reminds them of wanting to intensify their achievement. Others may even have them as their wallpaper in their laptop or mobile phones to always keep them reminded. These have major effects and changes in an individual's life and this is what they want to keep.